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Hey guys,

Been a couple of busy weeks so haven't had the time to update. I've decided to compile last weeks update with this weeks update as well.

Cloth Armor 8-10:



Monster Name: Rodent Shaman.

Special Abilities: Mend Wounds, a single target ranged heal ability. Power Bomb, filled with all manner of hallucinogenic substances, this ability has a chance to stun the target or buff the target's.

Healing isn't really a common occurrence so these creatures will probably start to become high priority targets. Powder Bomb as you may have noticed can backfire and boost your own characters, which I thought was thematic to "ratmen". Overall, I'm trying to make the Rodent clan focus more on displacement and crowd control in terms of this faction's main theme/playstyle.

Monster Name: Rodent Soldier

Special Ability: Sunder Strike, double damage if the target is stunned. The damage applies to both armor damage and "health" damage.

The solider forms the frontline of the Rodent Clan and combines well with the Shaman. If a target is stunned by the Shaman, Sunder Strike will deal damage whether it be "health" damage or damage to Helmet/Armor rating. If you want to get to the Shaman, you'll have to get through these boys first. The soldier will also be the most heavily armored unit and the only rodent to carry a shield into combat.

Stay tuned for more next week!

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