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Hey guys,

Here is this weeks update:

Firstly, a few more models were done for the cloth armor. Cloth Armor 5-7:

Set_5.jpg   Set_6.jpg  Set_7.jpg 
Next up, here is another monster reveal:

Monster Name: Rodent Stalker
Special Ability: Quick Step, an ability that allows the user to disengage from melee combat without triggering an AOO (Attack of Opportunity).

By default whenever a combatant disengages from melee distance, that combatant will be subjected to an AOO. AOO attacks will bypass helmet/armor rating but only deal half damage, that said it is still extremely dangerous. With the Quick Step ability, the stalker will be able to quickly flank and move around enemies without being subjected to an AOO attack. Flanking an enemy from behind also grants several bonuses which include increase hit and critical chance and also a flat damage bonus of +5 which will bypass armor. In short, the rodent stalker is a highly mobile flanking unit.

Rodent_Rogue_1.jpg  Rodent_Rogue_2.jpg  Rodent_Rogue_3.jpg 
Stay tuned for more info, next week!

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