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Greetings fellow gamers, I've gone through several iterations of combat and I will probably go through several more once the demo comes out and real feedback comes back from other players, however for now this is how combat is shaping up.

1. Combat is turn-based but with a twist. Each unit has 60 seconds to act however you can swap between different units and when swapping back the time resumes. Combat is phase based, so there is the player phase and the enemy phase, the twist is that actions are not carried out immediately instead they are carried out at the end of each phase, once for the player and once for the enemy. This introduces some interesting situations. For example, an opponent has 50 armor, you have two units. Does one of your units break the armor and the second unit attack? If the break armor fails, than damage may not be done or severely reduced. This adds another strategic layer to combat, the anticipation of success which can turn the tide of combat against you towards especially towards end game combat.

2. 10 stats that all play a role in combat. The lines are more or less blurred between traditional stats and skills. As you level up, you gain an experience point that can be used to purchase a perk that increases one of your stats. If not, you can save your experience points and eventually purchase an ability or skill. In Dead Monarchy, the limits of a human are grounded in reality. Just think that the physical potential of each combatant is more or less the same. It is the equipment and experience that will determine if you kill or are killed. 

So as such, in most cases you will rely on the equipment you acquire to increase your stats and the experience points that you gain as you level up, can be used to purchase new abilities. However, you can choose to forsake your pursuit of knowledge and focus on surpassing your physical limits at the cost of having less abilities. You can just level up Strength and smash things.

Each weapon has a skill tree and there will be around 15 types of weapon skill trees. The abilities/skills then reside within each of the weapon classes. Weapon skill trees loosely resemble classes but the progression is free form and you can pick from other general/utility skill trees but not other weapon skill trees.

3. The stats themselves are: Strength, Break, Morale, Stamina, Melee, Helmet, Armor, Focus, Fatigue and Block. 

- Strength: Strength is your "health" but also determines the amount of damage you can inflict. Different weapon types will grant different amounts of Strength. For example, a tier 1 greataxe grants 100 Strength going up to 200 Strength for a tier 5 greataxe. So your weapon type determines how much health you have. The amount of damage you do is the difference between the user's current Strength and the target's current Helmet or Armor rating. If the target has more Helmet/Armor rating than the user's Strength or the same value, than no damage is done. There are two hit zones, the head or the body and as such you have Helmet or Armor. Attacking the head is ideal and will do bonus damage however it uses stamina so eventually you won't have enough stamina whereas body attacks don't cost stamina. 

- Armor/Helmet: Is the amount of protection you have for your head or body. Higher tier equipment will grant more Armor or Helmet rating, however there are also different types of weapon damage. There are 5 types of weapon damage: slashing, crushing, piercing, draining and bleeding. Top tier plate armor that has 1000 armor may be durable against slashing and piercing damage but it won't be as effective against crushing damage. In addition, there are 5 types of armor: plate, scale, chain, riveted and cloth.

- Break: Break is the amount of damage you do to a target's Helmet or Armor rating. All weapons give additional Break. In order to do damage to a target, sometimes you need to reduce their Helmet/Armor rating first.

- Morale: Morale as the name suggests is how willing the combatant is to fight in combat. When it drops to 0, the combatant will attempt to recover its morale and will not do anything until its morale has been recovered. Combatants will not flee or suddenly feel the urge to run around like headless chickens, however you will lose control over that combatant. Various actions in combat can increase morale such as landing a killing blow. Critical chance is determined by the user's Morale minus the target's Stamina. Axes have an additional Morale boost over other weapon types that do not grant additional Morale. Critical damage is determined by how much morale you have and is added on top of regular damage provided you initially had enough Strength to do any damage at all.

- Stamina: All abilities aside from the "Attack Body" and "Break Armor" will use stamina. Stamina also acts as a deterrent to critical hits, so the higher your stamina is the less likely you'll be critically hit. However, as the battle rages on if your combatants expend their stamina then their chances of being critically hit increase.

- Fatigue: Fatigue is not to be confused with Stamina. Fatigue is your overall condition, stamina is how much you can exert in your current condition. All attacks including base body attacks build up fatigue. Fatigue starts at 0 for all combatants and has a cap of 100, it can't be increased, for now anyway.

- Weapon: Weapon determines both melee and ranged accuracy and the icon itself will be updated to reflect ranged weapons in the future. 

- Focus: Determines your chance to counter attack and is sometimes used as a resource for certain weapon skill trees. Counter attacks are deadly in that they completely ignore the standard damage calculation formula but only do half damage. Going against an opponent with a rapier that has a high counter chance can be prove deadly when using a greataxe that although has high damage also has low hit chance. 

- Block: Determines your chance to block attacks directed to the head or body. An axe type weapon can break shields and as such reduce block chance.

These cover just the core combat mechanics without going into abilities at all. Combat will most likely go through several more revisions so these here are subject to change.


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